B&B Lawncare & Snow Removal LLC. knows that landscaping is more than planting flowers. We work with our clients to craft the perfect spaces for their needs.

Our Pledge

We pledge to fight for the best interests of our customers and their lawns. We value strong relationships with our customers.

Mission Statement

Terms of Service

​(Subject to change without notice)

Contact Information

​Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm
(765) 967-0922

These Terms of Service are set up to keep things running smoothly for all of us and to set proper expectations. 

Any work performed by B&B Lawncare & Snow Removal LLC. will also confirm acceptance of these terms.

Lawn Maintenance

We will provide reliable, quality service at a fair price. You can expect us to arrive every week for your lawn service. We will do our best to come on the same day every week, but we may come a day early or late depending on weather, forecasts, and or holidays. In the fall when growth slows dramatically, we might do a bi-weekly schedule to keep lawn maintained.

Prior to Our Arrival:

All miscellaneous items including trash, dog piles, hoses, large sticks, etc. must be picked up from the lawn before we service your property. We cannot be held liable for damage caused by hitting items we can’t see. If there’s a locked gate, be sure to have it unlocked on the day of service

Possible Fuel Surcharge:
In the event that fuel costs increase (above $3/gallon), we will be assessing a fuel surcharge.