We begin our snow removal pricing process with an in-person, on-site meeting where we’ll walk around your property and discuss any areas of concern. We create a snow removal site map and find as many challenges and obstacles on the property as possible — before there’s any snow on the ground. Based on what we find, we’ll evaluate what snow removal equipment and manpower will be necessary for your property, then we’ll come back to you with an estimate and snow removal agreement that takes our resources and your needs into account. We’ll work with you (and your budget) to create a snow removal plan that will keep your property as clear and safe as possible — and we’ll make sure you understand every service and other items included in your snow removal agreement.

Here at B&B Lawncare & Snow Removal LLC., we aren’t looking to get rich every winter — we’re all about stability for our business, as well as our clients. We have in place a financial “snow hedging system” that lets us shoulder our customers risk and provide competitive snow removal pricing, outstanding customer service regardless of snowfall, and peace of mind that we will be there regardless of snowfall year after year.

Winter isn’t far off! Make sure your property is as safe as possible when the weather turns nasty.

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